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Rural Georgia is being forgotten while the people of the 16th District work harder just to get by. Our state was built on the backs of middle class Georgians, and for that, we deserve a better quality of life.
Our aging population has earned the right to healthcare and financial security through Medicare and Social Security. Our young folks deserve better job opportunities and higher wages. Our children deserve an education that will prepare them for the future.

Medicare & Social Security

Medicare and Social Security are EARNED entitlements. The people in the 16th district have worked hard and paid into these programs all their working lives. Our aging population deserves peace of mind and financial security. I vow to defend your right to Social Security and healthcare through Medicare.


As a mother of school age children, I believe a quality education is essential. Our children are the future generation. Investing in them, from our Pre-K programs through higher education, is an investment in our workforce. By maintaining access to these programs - Georgia Bright from the Start and the Hope Scholarship - we can stay competitive with other states and other nations. This in turn would foster business investments in the region and increased job opportunities.

Job Creation & Higher Wages

The men and women in Bartow, Polk and Haralson counties deserve better job security. Our young people are graduating from high school and moving away for college or better paying jobs. They deserve to be able to build their lives here with satisfaction and pride. I promise to fight against job loss and wage stagnation, while increasing business interest in our region, so that we can pass our small town lifestyles to the next generation.


Families come in all shapes and sizes; but the one thing we all have in common is wanting to be able to provide the best life for each other. I was raised by a single mother who worked hard, and today, my husband and I have a family of five.


As someone who grew up within the middle class, I understand the unique struggles families face today - like putting food on the table, affording healthcare and planning for the future. I will protect our district's families and our core values.

Women's Healthcare

Georgia is ranked #1 in mortality rates for pregnant women. For black women, the death rate is 4x higher. We are failing our women. The 16th district encompasses all of Polk County and parts of Bartow and Haralson Counties. We need more robust healthcare, funding and practices to service these women and their unborn children. I will work to expand rural medical access in our district.

Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is ravaging our small towns, killing our neighbors, tearing families apart and forcing Grandparents to become emergency caregivers. Our law makers have done little to assist our community in dealing with this issue. We need better access to treatment and counseling which will begin to take the strain off society. We also need better funding for DFCS and the Foster Care system to make sure we are protecting the most vulnerable among us - children.

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