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a wife, mother and caregiver devoted to family values.

Lyndsay Arrendale resides in the 16th District with her husband, Will, their three children and her disabled mother. As a caregiver for her mother with Multiple Sclerosis, she is acutely aware of the healthcare and accessibility issues so many families face. While not every family has the luxury of caring for their aging or disabled loved one at home, she understands the need to expand rural access to healthcare and to defend Medicare.

As a mother and stepmother of two school age children, she knows just how difficult it is for working families to make decisions about education and childcare in the face of Covid-19. That is why Lyndsay Arrendale is wholeheartedly against the $1 billion dollar cut from our Education Budget by Georgia Republicans in the State House.


Lyndsay Arrendale knows that we care about our health, our jobs, our security and our families above all else. She intends to fight for our values and serve the hardworking citizens of the 16th District.

As State Representative, Lyndsay Arrendale will lift up the voices of hardworking, rural Georgians and give us what we deserve: someone to champion our rights - and never skip a vote.

Lyndsay Arrendale is running to become your next State Representative in the 16th House District of Georgia. 


Having lived in Euharlee for 15 years, she is deeply committed to the well being of her neighbors and fellow middle class Americans. 

For the past several years, Lyndsay has dedicated her time to advocating for Georgia citizens and their rights, needs and hopes for the future. In addition to being a stay at home mother and full time caretaker for her disabled mother, Lyndsay is the only Democratic candidate in the 16th District.

Lyndsay believes that the residents of Polk, Bartow and Haralson counties deserve a Representative that will show up for every vote- not just those that are convenient. In opposition to our current Representative, she understands the responsibility this position carries and that the trust of the voters should never be abused in order to cover up a crime.

Rural Georgia is being ignored - along with all our voices - and Lyndsay Arrendale believes she has the unique capacity to go to our capitol and make our concerns heard. As a family oriented, working class candidate, Lyndsay understands the struggles many of us face in our daily lives. Does Atlanta, let alone Washington, really understand why we want to defend our small town lifestyle?

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